FOR BANKING, MORTGAGE AND HOUSING FINANCE SECTORS provides data and analysis on key topics impacting the community banking industry. The information is presented in various forms from tables to graphs and maps. It is set up to provide a different view of key information on economics, industry consolidation, housing & mortgage finance and approaches to various strategic planning activities (strategic planning; capital planning; M&A planning).


A variety of data, dashboards, reports and analyses are updated periodically and posted across the sections of this website. There are a variety of data and information covering banking industry trends, Community Bank industry data, economic and interest rate information, labor market conditions, mortgage finance, housing market trends, among others. These dashboards and reports are for your information. We hope that you find several of these beneficial to your strategic planning efforts.

For further information, inquiries on data, requests for analysis or other comments, please contact BankingStrategist.


BANK ANALYTICS: Current and historical data and trends; and analysis on the banking industry, including Community Banks. (Link)

Weekly Bank Balance Sheet Dashboard

Weekly Bank Balance Sheet Dashboard

Bank Loan Growth Trends

Bank Loan Quality Dashboard

BANK BALANCE SHEET COMPONENT TRENDS: Quarterly analysis of trends, segmented by bank asset size, in total assets, loans, deposits, equity and other key balance sheet categories. (Link)

Total Assets by Bank Size

Total Loans by Bank Size

Total Deposits by Bank Size

BANKING INDUSTRY CONSOLIDATION: Banking industry consolidation trends continue and consistent with recent history. Consolidation has largest impact on community banking sector, given that these banks represent 97% of industry. (Link)

Year-over-Year Change in Charters

Change in Charters by Bank Size

Change in Bank Charters Since 1990

DE NOVO BANKING TRENDS: While historically an important element of banking, de novo bank chartering activity has reached historic lows. (Link)

Trends in FDIC De Novo Bank Activity Since 2000

De Novo Bank Activity by Leading States Since 2000

De Novo Bank Activity Since 2017

COMMUNITY BANK TRENDS: Community Banks are found across the U.S. And, importantly, Community Banks are primary financial institutions in rural and smaller markets. M&A activity continues to impact number of community banks. Annual reduction in number of community banks exceeds 250. (Link)

Community Banks by State

Community Bank Charters YoY

Community Banks & Market Size

BANK FAILURES: Bank failures have surfaced in cycles and driven by specific asset or loan issue: oil, commercial real estate, residential real estate, etc. (Link)

Time Since Last Bank Failure

Bank Failures by Year

Bank Failures by Bank Size

BANK PLANNING: Concepts, approaches, timelines and issues relevant to your various long range and strategic planning efforts. (Link)

Bank Strategic Planning Calendar

Bank Strategic Planning Calendar

Bank Capital Planning Approach

Bank Merger Timeline Example

ECONOMICS: Economic dashboards, data and analysis on interest rates, Fed monetary policy, GDP, labor markets and international trade to support your bank’s long range, capital and other planning activities. (link)

U.S. Economic Dashboard

U.S. Economic Dashboard

GDP Dashboard

GDP Dashboard

Labor Market Dashboard

Labor Market Dashboard

ECONOMICS - MIDWEST: Economic dashboards for selected Midwestern states to support your bank’s ALCO and other planning activities. Currently dashboards for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin are available. (link)

Midwest Economic Review

Midwest Economic Review

Illinois Economic Dashboard

Illinois Economic Dashboard

Indiana Economic Dashboard

Indiana Economic Dashboard

Michigan Economic Dashboard

Michigan Economic Dashboard

Ohio Economic Dashboard

Ohio Economic Dashboard

Wisconsin Economic Dashboard

Wisconsin Economic Dashboard

GDP AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: Current and historical data and trend charts on Gross Domestic Product and key components.

Components of GDP.

Contributors to GDP Quarterly Growth.

U.S. Economic Expansions.

INTEREST RATES & YIELD CURVE: Current and historical data and trend charts on U.S. Treasury rates and spreads. (Link).

Yield Curve Maturity Step Walk

Yield Curve Slope

Yield Curve Trends

FEDERAL RESERVE & MONETARY POLICY: Data and analysis of Federal Reserve programs supporting monetary policy goals through interest rates and its balance sheet. (Link)

Federal Funds Rate Phases

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Trends

Target Fed Balance Sheet

FEDERAL FISCAL POLICY: Data and analytics on federal spending, receipts, debt outstanding, foreign, Federal Reserve and other investors in U.S. government securities. (Link).

Federal Spending and Revenues

Federal Surplus (Deficit) Spending

Federal Debt Outstanding

HOUSING AND MORTGAGE FINANCE: Current and historical data, trends and analysis on the housing sector and mortgage finance markets, including interest rates, housing prices, housing starts and sales and other statistics. (Link)

U.S. Housing & Mortgage Finance Dashboard

U.S. Housing & Mortgage Finance Dashboard

Housing Price Trends by MSA

U.S. and Regional Housing Trends

U.S. and Regional Housing Trends


Single-family Residential Mortgages

Multi-family Residential Mortgages

Mortgage Interest Rates

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Data and analysis on international trade, agricultural exports and foreign exchange rate trends. (Link).

International Trade Dashboard

LTM Net Goods & Services

Foreign Exchange Rates

LABOR MARKET: Data and analysis on labor market conditions in U.S. and key statistics for states. (Link)

Trends in Job Growth

Unemployment Rates

Job Growth by Type