Lending Slowdown?

The most recent weekly bank balance sheet data from the Fed (H.8 Report) shows a slowdown in loan portfolio growth for both the top 25 banks and community banks and all others. 

For the largest banks, total loans were up 2.2% year over year, up 0.4% from 3 months ago and 0.1% from 4 week’s ago. The total asset threshold to be in top 25 banks is approximately $85 billion. 

For community banks and others, total loans were up 6.6% from one year ago, 1.4% from 3 months ago and flat to 4 weeks ago. 

With the U.S. economy in its 103rd month of expansion - and 3rd longest in recent history, does the slower or leveling off in bank loan portfolio growth portend a moderating economy in 2018? What will happen in 2019?